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Supporting your emotional and relational wellbeing

Are you struggling with personal or relationship concerns?

I understand that navigating personal and relationship concerns can be daunting when faced alone, with feelings often becoming overwhelming, leaving you feeling lost and uncertain about the next steps.

Counselling offers a valuable opportunity to focus on what is happening in your life right now. Together, we’ll explore ways to break free from negative thought patterns and behaviours that may be holding you back.

Through our sessions together, you can expect a transformative experience that fosters genuine understanding, trust, personal growth and change.

You will feel truly heard and listened to, and safe to be yourself and open up about what’s really going on for you.

My support and guidance are aimed at empowering you to create healthier connections, overcome personal obstacles, and build a brighter, more fulfilling and joyful future for yourself and your loved ones.

Through my extensive experience as a counsellor and Gestalt psychotherapist I have developed a unique approach to counselling called “Genuine Relating.

Genuine Relating is a dynamic interactive approach to living and is central to building healthy intimate relationships.
Genuine Relating values heartfelt connection while honouring our individual uniqueness and wholeness. 

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Hi, I’m Ian, Founder of Bridging the Barriers Tweed Coast Counselling Practice and Genuine Relating, a unique, dynamic and interactive approach to therapy enabling people to heal, grow and flourish, while creating healthy intimate relationships.

I understand it can feel daunting reaching out and asking for help. I offer free 15 minute phone calls  where you can explain your situation and discover how my counselling services can work for you. You’re also welcome to visit my Practice by arrangement so you check me out and make sure I’m the right counsellor for you.

Counselling services for individuals and couples

I can assist individuals and couples struggling with personal and relationship challenges, mental health and substance use issues and anger management. 

How you’ll benefit from Genuine Relating, my unique approach to counselling:

  • Resolve conflict within your relationships
  • Repair ruptures within your relationship
  • Improve communication, and understanding, with your partner
  • Rebuild trust, intimacy and commitment
  • Create substance-free time within your relationship
  • Develop coping skills for challenging situations
  • Personal growth and expansion
  • Improve your emotional wellbeing
  • Heal past hurts and traumas
  • Move beyond your anger issues
  • Achieving peace, calm and joy in your life and within your relationship

What is Gestalt Therapy in counselling?

Gestalt Therapy is a relational approach to psychotherapy and counselling. Emerging out of the psychoanalytic movement of the early 1950’s, Gestalt therapy has evolved to be now recognised as a sensitive and robust mainstream therapeutic approach, grounded in self – awareness, genuine relating and experiential learning promoting growth, healing, and change.

Gestalt Therapy assists in resolving mental health and emotional difficulties that may present in your life as: anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem, life crisis, relationship problems, or anger issues.

What is Genuine Relating?

Genuine Relating is a unique approach to counselling and psychotherapy that I’ve developed utlising my extensive experience as a counsellor and Gestalt psychotherapist. Genuine Relating values heartfelt connection while honouring our individual uniqueness and wholeness. 

Genuine Relating moves us beyond our focus on self to a deeper connection with others, and the world around. Genuine Relating is grounded in relational Gestalt therapy, contemporary spirituality, and the latest evidence-based practices. Genuine Relating builds better relationship, optimal emotional and psychological health.

Relationship counselling using Genuine Relating

Genuine Relating explores the hidden ‘stuff’ we each bring to our relationships. It is this hidden stuff that affects the quality of our interactions, distorting our sense of connection and belonging. We are often unaware of what triggers us into negative interactions, and feeling hurt, rejected, or frustrated by things others might unknowingly do or say. 

Likewise, others may be easily offended by our comments or actions that were not intended to create harm our hurt. It is within these murky waters of relating that difficulties, heartache and longing arise. However, when our interactions are flowing optimally these murky waters clear, allowing genuine connection and a deeper sense of belonging to be present.

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