Counselling in Tweed Heads

Do you require Counselling in Tweed Heads? Bridging the Barriers provide safe, supportive and confidential counselling in Tweed Heads and provide a range of counselling services including couples counselling, relationship counselling, personal counselling and marriage counselling. I hold a masters in Gestalt Therapy and using my proven method of genuine relating I am able to greatly assist people overcome issues that are experiencing in their current life.  As a trained and accredited psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, I create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that encourages conversations to flow freely and my clients to feel comfortable sharing their life with me.

This environment maximises the healing potential during counselling and by using genuine relating in a non-blame setting, my clients are able to work through the issues they may be experiencing. Through my Counselling in Tweed Heads my clients learn how to heal from past hurts and truama, build better relationships, better communicate with their partners, enjoy emotional happiness and get their life back on track so they can once again enjoy life.

Life has it’s ups and downs and sometimes “things” can get the better of us. We are all human after all and sometimes the weight of the issues we are experiencing in life can drag us down. It happens to the best of us.
Talking to friends and loved ones about the issues you are experiencing can sometimes help, but the truth is when there are real “issues” in your life that are preventing you living your life to it’s full potential, seeking professional counselling from an accredited counsellor is often needed. Even though your friends or families advice is well intended,  the majority of the time, you aren’t going to to get the help you need to solve the issues you are experiencing.

If you feel that you are not enjoying life and are overwhelmed and struggling to cope and overcome issues in your life, get in touch today.
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