Couples Therapy Gold Coast

Couples Therapy Gold Coast

Are you searching for couples therapy Gold Coast and require some assistance with getting your relationship with your partner back on track?

Sometimes life’s stresses can take a toll on the relationship we have with the person we love. There can be many issues that can contribute to a relationship breaking down. These include but are not limited to financial stresses, trust issues, infidelity unhealthy behaviours, power imbalances, and communication breakdowns.

If the issues in your relationship are not and resolved, these relationship issues can manifest and evolve, creating a bigger wedge in your relationship.  Complete relationship breakdown is often the end result if problems in your relationship are not addressed.

Despite how big the gap is in your relationship, there is often still hope and the ability to repair, and heal your relationship with your partner and restore the loving and caring relationship you previously had.

Couples Therapy Gold Coast is a service I have provided for over 20 years and by using my proven relationship counselling method of genuine relating. By using genuine relating, I am not only able to assist couples repair their relationships, but also provide the tools and education that will assist couples form a deeper connection with the person they love. This enables couples to better resolve issues that may form in the future.

By learning how to better communicate and understand each other, my couples therapy Gold Coast service will help couples rekindle their relationship to the point where they once again feel loved and respected.

I provide couples therapy in a safe and non-blaming environment that allows couples to both be heard and express their feeling. You will both learn how to change from being “reactive” to comments to genuinely listening and learning to “hear” what your partner is saying.

If you feel that your require some outside assistance in your current relationship, please get in touch today to learn how I can help you and your partner mend your relationship using my proven genuine relating counselling method.
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