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What is Genuine Relating?

Genuine Relating is my personal approach to Gestalt Psychotherapy and counselling. As a Master Gestalt Psychotherapist and an accredited counsellor, I have spent the last 20 years developing Genuine Relating.

Through Genuine Relating, you’re encouraged to look at all the ‘hidden stuff’ you bring to your relationships. This could be a range of things – past hurt or trauma, dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, emotional issues and so on.

Often, we’re not aware that our past is affecting our present.

Negative emotions or interactions can trigger us, feeling hurt, rejected, or frustrated, but we may not understand why. It can also leave those close to us confused as they genuinely were not meaning any hurt or harm.

Genuine Relating helps you clear the murky waters of the past, creating a genuine connection and a deeper sense of belonging and connection.

Benefits of Genuine Relating

Make positive changes

When you start to have a dynamic interactive approach to life, you’ll find all your interactions become more positive as you look forward to a brighter future.

Form deeper connections

You’ll start to move beyond the focus on yourself and find you’ll create deeper connections with others in your close or wider circles and the world around you.

Build healthy relationships

Becoming aware of what triggers your negative interactions will help you (and your partner) understand why it happens, clear murky waters and move forward.

A deeper sense of belonging

When your interactions flow optimally, you’ll forge genuine connections with others, creating a deeper sense of belonging and increasing your intimacy.

What others had to say about their Genuine Relating counselling experience

What you can expect from Genuine Relating, my unique approach to counselling:

When you attend my counselling sessions, you’ll feel fully supported throughout the process. If you bring your partner, you can both expect the same level of support.

Genuine Relating is a gentle present focused approach to counselling. It’s not invasive or blame-focused, and it doesn’t drag up the past.

You’ll find that Genuine Relating offers a dynamic and interactive approach to living and is central to building healthy and intimate relationships.

You’ll be open to unlock those ‘hidden’ negative emotions that get triggered (often accidentally) by each other, face them, and work through them with clearer lines of communication.

Once you learn how to genuinely relate to others, you’ll find your relationships open to a whole new level of communication and connection.

How you’ll benefit from Genuine Relating:

Using these gentle and non-judgemental counselling approach, you’ll gain the tools and resources to:

  • Move beyond the current cracks in your relationships to form a stronger bond with greater intimacy
  • Learn how to heal (and let go of) past hurts that are stopping you from giving your all in the present moment
  • Improve your emotional, relational and mental health to find a deeper level of communication, intimacy and connection with life
  • Repair your damaged connection with your partner to create an environment where you both feel listened to, loved and respected

Hi I’m Ian, creator of Genuine Relating

Genuine Relating is the ongoing process of being authentic and real, showing others all that you are – the good stuff and the stuff you have to work really hard at. You’ll become more real and vulnerable and share your story in a more genuine and authentic way. Through this, you’ll build honest, deep and truly intimate relationships. This open authentic relating style is what is at the core of Genuine Relating.

Want to find out more about Genuine Relating, Gestalt Therapy or book a session?

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