Maintaining a balanced recovery practice in these challenging times

We are living in altered and challenging times to state the obvious, the world looks vastly changed today than it did just a few short weeks ago. I think about my friends and colleagues in the recovery movement and wonder what recovery will look like after this event is over. I watch with interest and encouragement as the local recovery groups rise to meet these challenges and restrictions and find alternate ways of supporting each other as the new norm of self-isolation and social distancing supersedes the traditional in-person support groups. Most local recovery groups are now on-line or closed and support groups all over the globe are now accessible instantly from the comfort of our living rooms via the internet.

The recovery world has opened up..

In a way that has never been seen before with the number of calls to hotlines reported to have gone through the roof. This information has come to me through my personal recovery network.

Reflecting on these events bring up old concerns for me. What if you are not connected to a recovery community or a structured recovery programme? What do you do and where do you go to find support?  What about the families and those close to the person in recovery? Where do they find support? All these questions become more pressing as the world struggles to find a cure for the current pandemic. Our leisure activities are now restricted with sporting venues closed, pubs and clubs shut, public gatherings banned and visitors to our homes restricted. We no longer have access to our usual means of managing life.  We cannot rely on our usual ways of dealing with our stress and anxiety as we ponder the uncertainty of the future. The importance of a structured recovery practice has never been as important as it is in this current climate.

A good balanced recovery practice addresses all areas of the recovery process, bringing balance and equilibrium to life while reducing stress and anxiety.

If you would like to make positive change and improve your emotional well-being or would like to find out relational counselling could help you or your family then please contact me now.

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