Marriage Counselling Gold Coast

Marriage Counselling Gold Coast

Marriage Counselling Gold Coast is a service offered by Bridging the Barriers.
Hi, my name is Ian Waugh. I have been a marriage counsellor for many years and have assisted many people repair their marriages and assisted in rebuilding healthy relationships with my Marriage Counselling Gold Coast services.

Located at Tweed Heads (just south of the Gold Coast), I provide a non-blame environment that encourages couples to explore the “hidden stuff” that is often brought into relationships.

Using my proven method of Genuine Relating, you will learn how to heal, create a genuine connection with each other and form deeper sense of belonging and closer level of intimacy with your partner.

Life has its ups and downs and life can be stressful at times, we are all after all humans. Sometimes these stresses in life can be affecting those around us that we love and care for. This is where marriages can fall apart. The non-stop picking at each other, the bickering and being constantly cranky can really take a toll on what was an otherwise healthy and loving relationship.

My Marriage Counselling Gold Coast service will help you heal and mend your marriage. And by not blaming your partner, you will learn how to communicate better with each other, heal from past hurt and restore the relationship with the person you love.

As an accredited marriage counsellor for over 20 years, my technique of Genuine Relating has benefitted hundreds of couples overcome and heal from past trauma and hurt.

With my Marriage Counselling Gold Coast service I can help you better understand and communicate with your partner, learn how to control and manage your emotions, deepen the way you communicate with each other, develop healthy boundaries  and rekindle your relationship to a point where you both feel loved and respected.

If you need assistance to get your relationship back on track, I am here to help. Call 0413653396 today or head over to my contact page for alternative contact options.
If you would like to chat with me on Facebook messenger, please click here.

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