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Life has stresses – there’s no doubting that. Some days we’re flying high, and on others, we’re hitting lows and those around us are copping our ‘moods’. It happens.

And this is where relationships can start to fall apart. The constant picking at each other or being cranky for seemingly no reason starts to wear you down.

Despite how deep a gap you’re currently feeling in your relationship, there is hope.

Couples counselling, using my proven technique of Genuine Relating will help you to mend your relationship. Without blaming each other, you’ll learn how to better communicate with each other, heal past hurt, develop healthy boundaries and much more.

‘Using my relationship counselling method of Genuine Relating, you’ll explore the ‘hidden stuff’ we often bring to relationships and learn how to heal from this to create a genuine connection, a deeper sense of belonging and closer intimacy’.

Relationship counselling in a non-blame environment

I have been a relationship counsellor for many years, and I often hear people say, ‘I want to get help, but my partner is unsure’.

And I understand that – it’s a genuine concern. Opening up about your deepest feelings isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if you fear it will be held against you or create a deeper wedge.

But let me assure you, my relationship counselling encourages a non-blaming environment. Relationship counselling is about healing, communicating, and creating deeper connections with the person you love.

Relationship counselling can help you heal all sorts of issues:

  • Communication breakdowns
  • Relationship cracks
  • Financial stresses
  • Power imbalances
  • Trust issues
  • Growing up and apart
  • Blended family unity
  • Parenting differences
  • Conflicting ideas
  • Infidelity
  • Unresolved conflict or past trauma
  • Unhealthy behaviours
  • Substance use

If you need a hand to get your relationship back on track, I’m here to help both you and your partner to regain your ideal relationship.

How couples (relationship) counselling works

My form of relationship counselling using my proven technique of Genuine Relating, created with over 20 years of experience using Gestalt Therapy.

This counselling encourages a heartfelt connection while honouring your uniqueness in relationship. It promotes intimacy, optimal emotional and mental health and assists you in healing past issues.

Proven relationship counselling helps you heal the cracks

As an accredited couples counsellor, I can help you:

  • Better understand you and your partner, your relationship and the dynamics of how it’s working
  • Heal past hurt or trauma that may constantly be underpinning your relationship issues
  • Learn how to manage emotions or overwhelming feelings that may lead to hurtful emotional outbursts
  • Deepen the way you communicate with each other, speaking with love and kindness learning how to ‘hear’ each other
  • Develop healthy boundaries in your relationship, each respecting your individuality
  • Manage interpersonal conflicts in a healthy manner rather than feeling any conflict causes a split
  • Rekindle your relationship to reach a point where you’re both feeling loved and respected

What others had to say about their relationship counselling experience

What you can expect from couples (relationship) counselling

In couples counselling, you can both expect to feel you’re being heard and supported in a confidential environment.

I understand that it’s not the easiest to talk about how you’re feeling or how someone else’s actions make you feel while they’re sitting next to you. But I can’t stress highly enough that you’re both in a safe place – free from judgement.

Throughout your couples counselling, you’ll learn how to change from being ‘reactive’ to comments to genuinely listening and learning how to ‘hear’ what your partner is saying.

You’ll both be given a chance to express your feelings, and together, we work through issues that are bought to the surface in the session.

Painful issues may be raised throughout relationship counselling. That’s expected.

But rest assured, with counselling, you will both learn how to deal with any issues in your relationship, heal and rekindle your loving bond. 

How you’ll benefit from relationship counselling using Genuine Relating

Using this gentle and non-judgemental couples counselling method, you’ll gain the tools and resources to:

  • Move beyond the current cracks in your relationship to form a stronger bond with great intimacy
  • Learn how to heal (and let go of) past relationship hurt that is stopping you from giving your all in the present moment
  • Improve your emotional, relational and mental health to find a deeper level of communication, intimacy and connection with your partner
  • Repair your damaged connection with your partner to create a space where you both feel safe, loved and respected

Ready to rekindle your relationship with couples counselling?

Contact me today to find out how counselling can help you and your partner heal your relationship using my proven Genuine Relating method.
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