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It’s natural that you may hit points in your life where you need to reach out for some personal counselling and advice.

You may feel like what’s troubling you isn’t ‘a big deal’, but it’s something that is constantly on your mind, and you can’t work out a way past it.

It may be a relationship problem, past hurt or trauma, feelings of betrayal, guilt or workplace issue, or not adapting to parenthood or many, many other things.

You may have tried talking to your best friends or family members but have come to realise that their well-intended advice isn’t really giving it to you straight and not helping you solve your issue (it’s sugar-coated advice).    

That’s when it’s time to seek independent counselling from an accredited counsellor.

Over the past 20 years I’ve developed a unique approach to counselling called Genuine Relating. Genuine Relating tackles counselling on a ‘whole body’ level – your body, emotions, sensations, thoughts, perception, and experiences.

Rather than diving into your past to justify the reasons for your current problems or behaviours, this form of counselling focuses on the here and now experiences of your present life.

‘Most of the time, you’ve already got the answers you need. Counselling helps you tap into your inner wisdom and strength to create a life free from what is holding you back emotionally or mentally’.

Personal counselling in a supportive safe environment

It’s human nature for us to have a million things running through our minds. We’re exposed to so many things each day that there are times when it becomes a tad overwhelming.

You may be feeling stressed at work, which leads to relationship issues, feeling like you’re not the best parent, friend, partner, etc.

And it can become a vicious cycle in your head, playing with your physical, mental, and emotional health.

It’s ok to seek counselling to ‘get it all out’. 

Personal counselling can help you heal all sorts of issues:

  • Relationship breakdowns (partner, family, friends)
  • Financial stresses
  • Trust issues
  • Parenting troubles
  • Infidelity
  • Unresolved conflict or past trauma
  • Unhealthy behaviours
  • Workplace stresses
  • Accident or injury PTSD
  • And much more

Please get in touch if you need a supportive and trained professional to listen, advise, and guide you through whatever is troubling you.

Proven counselling helps you regain control of your life

As an accredited counsellor, I can help you:

  • Better understand your current life situation and challenges and look for ways to improve it
  • Heal past hurt or trauma that may constantly be underpinning your personal or relationship issues
  • Learn how tomanage emotions or overwhelming feelings that may lead to hurtful emotional outbursts towards others.
  • Deepen the way you communicate with those around you, learning how to listen and speak with kindness
  • Develop healthy boundaries in all of your relationships, from work colleagues through to family members
  • Manage interpersonal conflicts in a healthy manner rather than flying off the handle or striking out
  • Rekindle your intimate relationship that may have been damaged by past hurts or issues caused by abuse or infidelity.

What others had to say about their counselling experience

What you can expect from counselling

I encourage you to approach counselling with an open mind. Park your preconceived ideas about how it works from what you’ve seen in the movies!

I guarantee you’ll find a safe and supportive space for you to speak what’s on your mind. It’s confidential, and I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to support you to overcome what’s troubling you and find ways to heal and live your best life.

My role as your counsellor is to help you understand what’s bubbling under the surface and how to express that. You’ll find ways to address stuck patterns from your past and how to increase your self-awareness.

Rather than blaming your past, you’ll become equipped with the tools to take control of your thoughts, addressing the here and now, and finding that ultimately, YOU control your life.

How you’ll benefit from Genuine Relating

Genuine Relating is a holistic and gentle approach to counselling where you’ll gain the tools and resources to:

  • Move beyond your relationship issues either with your partner, family members, friend or work colleagues.
  • Learn how to heal (and let go of) past relationship hurt that is stopping you from giving your all in the present moment
  • Deal with situations that arise without lashing out at those around you or turning to unhealthy behaviours to numb your pain.

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