What is Genuine Relating? – Part 2

Genuine Relating is my personal approach to psychotherapy and counselling which I have developed over the past two decades. Genuine Relating was born out of my Gestalt therapy training and incorporates over two decades of supervision and mentoring and post professional training. A major influence in my thinking comes from my long-time mentor and friend, psychologist Dr Chris Campbell who facilitated my ten-year in-depth inquiry into dialogical psychotherapy and developmental characterology. My inquiry with Chris, along with my training in Gestalt therapy has influenced my thinking and formulation of Genuine Relating. A more in-depth explanation of these modalities will be unpacked in upcoming blogs, articles and videos.

A while ago, I sat down with my partner and asked her if she could explain Genuine Relating from a non-clinical perspective and this is what she came with. I think it is pretty cool: “In a nutshell Genuine Relating explores the hidden ‘stuff’ we each bring to our relationships. It is this hidden stuff that affects the quality of our interactions, distorting our sense of connection and belonging with ourselves and each other. We are often unaware of what triggers us into negative interactions, and feel hurt, rejected or frustrated by things others might unknowingly do or say. Likewise, others may be easily offended by our comments or actions that were not intended to create harm or hurt. It is within these murky waters of relating that difficulties, heartache and longing arise. However, when our interactions are flowing optimally, these murky waters clear, allowing genuine connection and a deeper sense of belonging and intimacy.”

Yes, that is Genuine Relating in a nutshell.

In closing, Genuine Relating is more than just another approach to counselling and psychotherapy. Genuine Relating is a dynamic interactive approach to living and is central to building healthy intimate relationships. Genuine Relating values heartfelt connection while honouring our individual uniqueness and wholeness. Moving us beyond our focus on self to a deeper connection with others, the world around us and beyond. Genuine Relating promotes intimacy within relationship, optimal emotional and mental health and assists in healing addiction.

If you would like to make positive change and improve your relational well-being or would like to find out how counselling and psychotherapy can help you then contact me now.

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